Why using the phrase ‘radical Islam’ is important

  Over the last few days, we witnessed two horrific terrorist attacks in the western world. One in Orlando where 50 innocent people were gunned down brutally in a gay nightclub and the other in Paris where a police officer and his wife were brutally stabbed to death. The perpetrators of both these terrorist incidents […]

The Question that can revive the Church

  “Do you really love God?” Imagine someone asking us  ‘veteran Christians’ this simple question. I’m sure none of us would have a problem in answering it in the affirmative. Many of us would not even like to be asked a question like that because first of all, the answer is obvious and secondly, it is […]

‘Do not Judge’ – What does it really mean?

In Matthew 7:1, Jesus commands, “Do not judge for you will be judged”. But this has caused a lot of confusion in terms of its actual meaning and application in life. Especially in the 21st century. Christians are often confronted with this verse when they object to sinful actions. They are accused of violating Christ’s […]

Is the Law relevant to Christians? A Brief explanation

Many Christians today think that the Law of Moses is completely irrelavant to the modern-day Church. Some even think that it should be taken out of the Bible! But that would be wrong for many reasons especially due to the fact that the New Testament would not make any sense without the Laws. The following […]

5 ways to make Church relevant to young people

The 18-34 year olds are one of the most important age groups for the future growth and survival of the church. In the last few decades, the church in the west has been increasingly losing influence among people from this age-group. If this trend continues, the western church will pale into insignificance and eventually fade […]

God wants you to come back to Him

How would we feel when someone we helped and supported deny us and belittle us? How would parents feel when the kids they lovingly brought up abandon them? How would husbands/wives feel when the love of their lives dumps them for someone else? Have you ever experienced that pain? God goes through that pain everyday […]

10 misconceptions about Christianity’s view on homosexuality

Misconception 1: Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus mention homosexuality Jesus did not talk explicitly about many things. For example,  Jesus did not talk about zoophilia. Does that mean he thought it was ok to have sex with animals? Ofcourse not!The Gospels (which talk about Jesus and his teachings) are contained in only 4 books […]

What is the Will of God?

 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 7:21) This is a very profound verse in the Bible because this is something that was not part of conventional wisdom during the time of Jesus or […]

How to change Indian Politics?

Indian politics needs to change and for that it needs to do the following: 1. Allow young and educated youths into top level political positions. 2. Conduct a separate election for the Prime Minister post (like the presidential election in the US) 3. Eradicate corruption by setting up an independent corruption monitoring agency and reduce […]

Nobel Peace Prize is a joke!

The Nobel Peace Prize is increasingly getting irrelevant in my mind. It can rightly be described as a joke! I’ve been thinking that since 2009 when it awarded the prize to Barack Obama. Now they’ve given it to an organisation PAID to do a job – the OPCW – above inspirational nominees like Dr. Denis […]

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